* Many of our customers often ask, what is the difference between the following names?

Treadmill Walking Belt, Treadmill Running Belt, Treadbelt, Treadmill Belt

…and the answer is none.  Treadmill Belts are often referred to as any of the names above, but the truth is that all belts can be used either for walking or running.

Is this belt OEM? If not, who makes it? How does the quality compare to an OEM belt?

What is the advantage of a 1 ply belt vs. a 2 ply belt?

The walking belt on my treadmill recently wore out, and I found my way to your website. There are four types of belts on the front page but I don't see any description about the function differences between them?

The warranty says it is a lifetime warranty, does that mean that if it wears out like my current one has, that you will replace it?

Wax vs. Silicone Lubricant: